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MOT Test Centre Aberdeen

Vosa verified MOT testers

We can assure you that we truly care about our customers and that’s why we’re always investing in keeping our facilities in good condition. We are proud of our facilities, location and equipment because it allows us to do our work in a safe, spacious, accommodating garage. Our highly skilled mechanics can get your vehicle tested quickly and efficiently because of our great facilities that boast state of the art equipment.

We are an approved MOT Test Centre based close to Northern Golf Club Aberdeen

AW Autotech Garage has a wealth of experience in the motor industry and have become well established in the local community. Our garage is the place local people come for trusted car services including MOT testing. As an independent garage who are passionate about the work we do, we’ll always offer you a competitive price to fix your vehicle should it fail its MOT test. Not only that, but we can also retest the vehicle for you if necessary.

Well-established local business

By law, your vehicle is required to take an annual MOT test if it’s over three years old. It is completed to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements to be driven on public roads. AW Autotech Garage is a well-established local business and is guaranteed to provide quality service, we are the ideal MOT Test Centre as we have years of expertise. We are also centrally located, making our garage a convenient option for all drivers throughout Aberdeen and its surrounding areas.

MOT Test Centre with our customers at the core of what we do

If you want the opportunity to experience complete control over your MOT test, consider coming to visit our garage in Aberdeen. Our services are tailored around what’s convenient for you, for example, you can book your test in at any time, drop your car off and collect it whenever it’s best for your schedule. We aim to complete most of our work within the same day - so, if you need a timely repair or service were ideal.

What happens to your vehicle during an MOT Test

Our mechanics perform a series of safety inspections and tests on your vehicle following guidelines from the Drive and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). When the test is completed you will be given a certificate or refusal document, depending on whether your vehicle passed or failed the MOT. This document will have notes on what to do after the test has been completed. All of these tests are now computerised and you can view your vehicle’s MOT history online at any time. We always recommend keeping hold of your MOT certificates for the service history of your vehicle.

Call us now on 01224 637 274 to get a price for an intermediate or full service for your make or model of car.

Does my vehicle require MOT test?

If you own a car that has been on the road for more than three years since new, the UK law states that you require to have a current MOT certificate for the vehicle.

An MOT test, which is short for Ministry of Transport test is required to be carried out on your vehicle once per year by a qualified MOT tester to make sure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards set out by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

If you do not have a current MOT certificate for your vehicle then you will not be able too legally drive on the roads, you also will not be able to renew your road tax.

You can have your vehicle tested up to 28 days in advance of the expiry date shown on your current MOT certificate.

If your vehicle fails the MOT and is unsafe for the roads, you will be issued a VT30 failure document and supplied with a list of the items that caused the vehicle to fail the test. You may wish at that point to discuss these items with our mechanics and have the necessary repairs made to make your vehicle safe.

MOT Checklist  
Body/vehicle structure/general items Free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas. No sharp edges likely to cause injury. Towbars for security/condition/inappropriate repairs or modification. Correct operation of 13 pin electrical socket. Speedometer condition and operation. Engine mountings.
Fuel System No leaks. Security and condition of pipes/hoses. Fuel cap fastens and seals securely. Note the fuel cap will need to be opened. Make sure the key is available.
Exhaust Emissions Vehicle meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, dependent on the age and fuel type of the vehicle.
Exhaust System Secure. Complete. Catalyst missing where one was fitted as standard. Without serious leaks and is not too noisy.
Seat Belts All the seat belts fitted are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All mandatory seat belts must be in place. Check of the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) for air bags and seat belt pre tensioners.
Seats Drivers seat for adjustment. All seats for security and seat backs can be secured in the upright position.

Latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors should open from outside the vehicle. Hinges and catches for security and condition.

Mirrors Minimum number required, condition and security.
Load Security Boot or tailgate can be secured in the closed position.
Brakes Condition including inappropriate repairs or modifications, operation and performance (efficiency test). Note the removal of the road wheels and trims are not part of the test. ABS or electronic stability control (ESC) where fitted. Check of the MIL for ABS, electronic stability control, electronic park brake and brake fluid warning.
Tyres and Wheels Condition, security, tyre size/type and tread depth. Spare tyres are not inspected. Note: vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2012 - check of the MIL for tyre pressure monitoring.
Registration Plates Condition, security, colour, characters correctly formed and spaced.
Lights Condition, operation including HID and LED headlamps for cleaning, self leveling and security. Headlamp aim. Main beam warning light.
Bonnet Securely latches in the closed position.
Wipers/Washers Operate to give the driver a clear view ahead.


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